Concert: Scott Cook & Mandy Troxel

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Scott Cook – A roots balladeer with a rare personal warmth, Canada’s Scott Cook has managed to distill the stories collected over a decade of near-incessant touring across Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and elsewhere into straight-talking, keenly observant verse. He brings humor, a disarming honesty, years of roads, and a deep love of humanity to his songcraft. Cook’s songs are true stories set to music, drawing on influences from folk, roots, country, soul, and blues. “There’s nothing flash about Canada’s Cook. He sings his heart and soul, and in doing so lets light flood into your own… A good eye for imagery, a gentle human touch, a wry sense of humor, a whole lot of integrity, a warm, rugged voice… Truly one of Woody Guthrie’s children.” -David Burke, R2 Magazine, UK. (

MandyFans of Mandy Troxel’s music often share the similar story of being swung around by the clear bell of her voice and then rooted to the spot by her lyrics. Describing her music with a dash of telltale self-depricating humor, Mandy describes her music as “Country Western Pathetica” and “Island Mama Americana”. She juxtaposes the beauty of her Orcas Island home with the connection and humor of living in small town community. Her songs acknowledge the dark moments in life, illuminating the cracks with a beacon of hope. Americana troubadour Bill Mallonee (formerly of Vigilantes of Love) says “With a folky voice of clarity that reminds one of early Emmylou Harris, Troxel navigates the waters of love lost and found with songs that offer memorable lines, but no easy answers.”