Come Support Shaw Scholars

Dear Islanders. You are invited to a homemade dinner by Chloe Mason and Andy Schmidt, desserts made by Shaw Islanders and an auction to raise money for the scholarship fund. Scholarship Dinner/Auction 5 p.m. July 25, 2015 at the Community Building. Dinner music will be by Calvin Smith. The menu is Lasagna ala Chloe, Balsamic Green Beans, Fresh Garden Salad, Homemade Bread Sticks plus a Wine Dessert Auction by Table. The suggested donation is $15. … Read More »

Remembering Howard Sanburg

A celebration of a person’s life is an opportunity to share stories as well as tears, to convey how one person affected your life, to let other people in on the back-story of a loved one through words and photographs. Howard Sanburg died on December 26th, 2014. The celebration of his life was on March 8th, 2015. Daughter Jan Sanburg and former islander Marlyn Hoffman offered their insight into Howard at the event. For those … Read More »

Starting a Fire for a Good Cause

The thick dark smoke billowed above the burning wood-frame house provided an ominous backdrop to flames and a positive experience for Shaw Island firefighters. The small house was on the former Hoffman property, now owned by Eben and Sally Frankenberg. “They contacted me last summer about the possibility of burning down the house,” said Fire Chief Jon Shannon. “For the owners, burning the house down to ash saved them a lot of money and effort … Read More »

Shaw Talent Show

Eight acts, 12 Shaw Island performers plus music from JP & the OK Rhythm Boys filled the Community Building with sound on Jan. 31 during the annual Talent Show. Music teacher Anita Orne, a member of the band, was the MC. Guitar-playing Adrienna Clifton led off the local talent singing “Feeling Good” by Muse; Sophia Swanson and Sintayehu Shannon demonstrated their ukulele-picking abilities and singing. Diane Clifton recited the 23 helping verbs to daughter Kendra’s … Read More »

Shaw Islanders are not singing in the rain

Jon Shannon’s curiosity led our Official Shaw Island Amateur Meteorologist to some eye-opening rainfall statistics. If Jon is raising an eyebrow over the stats, it’s time for islanders to pay attention, too. His statistical journey started in the garden. “As a gardener I am constantly digging holes in my yard. I always take note of the degree of soil saturation and how deep the soil is wet. A few days before Halloween last year I … Read More »

Lusting after Great Books (Part 2)

Dozens of islanders enjoyed “Book Lust” author Nancy Pearl last month at the Community Building, sponsored by the Sandy Walker Fund of the Shaw Library. In addition to her book recommendations, Nancy also talked about her background, growing up as a voracious reader because her home wasn’t a safe place, and finding shelter and solace in her local library after school and on weekends. “I’d bike to the library at 9 and bike home at … Read More »

Lusting after great books

It’s not too far a reach to say that Shaw Islanders lust after books, so pairing “Book Lust” author Nancy Pearl with an attentive audience at the Community Center Dec. 6 was a perfect match. Pearl, perhaps the first librarian to have her own action figure, holds a special place in readers’ hearts, at least the ones who follow her recommendations. Nancy was introduced as the “most dangerous woman in the Northwest” because when readers … Read More »

Exciting the taste buds

Vodka, sour cream, kimchi, cheese, pickles, sauerkraut and Shaw Island resident Shannon Klohr have something in common: fermentation. The foods and drink are examples of fermented food; Shannon loves the process, and in October had a hands-on class in fermenting sauerkraut. Shannon and Mike Mahn arrived on Shaw in April 2012 to be caretakers of the Swanson property. “But what excited us were the farming opportunities,” Shannon said. Shannon worked in the Bay Area for … Read More »

Brighter look greets shoppers

Shaw General Store’s new look is not about new ownership but about current owners Steve and Terri Mason taking a look around and deciding to make a change. “I wanted a friendlier and lighter and more attractive store. We wanted it clean, fresh, friendly and with full shelves,” Terri said. “I thought there was a more creative way to look at the space. It’s a neat old building that deserves to be honored as such. … Read More »

Shaw Island Cookbook Revival

Shaw Island Fish Glue Crab Cakes, Sparkling Cranberries, Rosemary Pumpkin Pasta and Chocolate Mousse Torte are but a few of the recipes that have been submitted for the new Shaw Island cookbook. “It seemed appropriate to have a new cookbook for a fundraiser as the last one was published 12 years ago,” said Barb Husted, a board member of the Shaw Island Library and Historical Society. “I’m hoping to collect a couple hundred favorite recipes … Read More »