Eight acts, 12 Shaw Island performers plus music from JP & the OK Rhythm Boys filled the Community Building with sound on Jan. 31 during the annual Talent Show. Music teacher Anita Orne, a member of the band, was the MC.

Guitar-playing Adrienna Clifton led off the local talent singing “Feeling Good” by Muse; Sophia Swanson and Sintayehu Shannon demonstrated their ukulele-picking abilities and singing. Diane Clifton recited the 23 helping verbs to daughter Kendra’s saw-playing. Jennifer Swanson, Jody Schmidt, Deanna Shannon and Alice Nelsen played instruments and performed the gospel song “I’ll Fly Away,” ending in beautiful harmony.

After the mandatory Cookie Break, the talent returned to the stage. Aidan Shannon (violin) and Adrianna Clifton (guitar), also known as “The A-Team,” performed a song from the Ken Burns Civil War documentary. Max Field impressed the audience with his picking and rhythm on an old folk song by Angelina Baker.

Sophia Swanson returned with a totally different approach to performing. She named every President of the United States, including middle initials, in order. But she didn’t stop there! People in the audience called out numbers and Sophia named the president that matched the number: #22? Grover Cleveland. #4? James Madison. #37? Richard Nixon.

Sister Marie of the Sisters of Mercy turned her soprano voice to Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies,” written in 1926. She finished to applause and calls of “Bravo!” For the finale, all performers gathered onstage to sing “Goodnight, Irene.”

Donations from the audience went to the Shaw School Foundation, which supports ‘extras’ such as pedometers for students taking the President’s Challenge for youth fitness, trips and swimming lessons. The band donated its time. Karl Miller and Cy Field provided the photographs.

— Submitted by Sharon Wootton