May 2015

May 5, 2015
Happy Cinco de Mayo

Hi all,

Yesterday was ‘opening day’ for our Shaw garden volunteers. They scattered out on the library and community building grounds to weed, prune and cheer on the budding landscape at each sight. The group meets at the Library on Monday mornings at 9:00 AM, moves to the community building at 10:00 AM and is finished by 11:00 AM with coffee and treats. This makes a big difference in the appearance and health of both properties and is a fun way to chat with neighbors and talk garden talk. According to Willie W., future opportunities for you to join in are May 11, May 18 and June 1. There will be another effort just prior to the 4th of July. Thanks to Willie for motivating us and those who arrive with tarps, shovels, clippers and smiles.

Road construction: Head’s up. County employees will be chip sealing our roads this spring so let’s give them comfortable and courteous space as they help us find a safe path around their equipment. Caution.

Goose news: Blind Bay Road has developed areas of one way traffic. The ever so popular and comical Chinese Geese have taken to enjoying naps on the road as the pavement warms in the afternoon. Caution.

Thank You -The community building had a rain flow issue at our front door this winter and we developed a leak in our water line right in the middle of the parking lot last week. Hardy Schmidt came to the rescue for both of these heavy digging tasks. Thank you Hardy, you’re such a good friend.

4th of July planning is heating up. NMT has graciously consented to help with the BBQ expenses and the Fellowship members are diving in to coordinate food preparation. The Stedman family will be organizing a beer garden with Jody Schmidt collecting ‘fish’ for the fishpond. The raffle items are being coordinated by Dittie W. and Janice E.
Parade, Raffle, Market Day, Flea Market, BBQ, Beer Garden, Fish Pond, Ballgames, Ice Cream and Friends. That’s how you spell fun on the 4th of July. Our planning committee is Terri Cable, Carol Poliak and Willie Williams if you are interested in helping give one a call. I want to paint the spool. (there is obviously something for everyone)

The Shaw Island Aid Team (Helen Riggins) announced that applications are being accepted for the fall 2015 EMT class. This is an excellent program and opportunity to acquire the training to become a Washington State and Nationally Certified Emergency Medication Technician. A notice from Helen is attached and the deadline for application is June 1, 2015. To those who may consider this, thank you.

Shaw Playfield is looking beautiful thanks to the early spring hours put in by Neil B. and Jon S. Added fencing around young trees, weeding and preparing the infield has been a time consuming effort. Getting the word out to volunteers and revitalizing the ‘little bit dormant’ Playfield Committee is on my list of to dos.
Summer Day Camp with Nora and Bryan will be held Monday, August 3 – Thursday, August 6. Camp will be at the community building for children ages 4 and up. Arts and crafts, t-shirt making, games, hikes and a beach day are some of the planned activities. Cost is $65 per child and registration forms can be found on the Shaw Inc Website. If you are interested and have questions contact Jennifer Swanson at or try 360-468-4139. My eldest grandchild is 4; this call from Jennifer has me scheming travel plans to get him here.

May Calendar
Daily Double on Friday, May 8.
Noon – 2:00 PM The Friends of the San Juans, Washington Sea Grant and Coastal Geographic Services will present “Shifting Shorelines”. This will be an opportunity to learn methods of protecting your property from storms, erosion and rising seas. Lunch will be served, including carrot cake from Andy’s kitchen. Please RSVP to or call 360-378-2319.

6:30PM – Mandy Troxel and the Bitter Ends will perform a concert. Donations are welcome. The band is providing a program at Shaw School during the day and agreed to stay over to bring music to the rest of Shaw. Anita Orne’s note to me after the band’s last pre-gig practice stated, “This is going to be heaps of fun.” I agree Anita.

May 17 – Sunday at 4:00 PM – Thor Hanson, author of The Triumph of Seeds. How Grains, Nuts, Kernels, Pulses, and Pips Conquered the Plant kingdom and Shaped Human History. Those of you who attended Thor’s discussion on his book Feathers know how fascinating his presentations are…please pass the word.

June 3 – Wednesday – Catlin Gable presenting Mikado

The Store is Open! It’s so good to see Terri and Steve’s OPEN sign. During the month of May the store hours are: 10:00AM – 5:30PM six days a week. Closed on Wednesdays,

Summer Employment San Juan County Parks has an immediate opening for a seasonal Park Aide for part-time work on Shaw Island. A detailed job description is available through the County’s website at or by calling 360-370-7402.

Are you a shrimper? This is a request from your overly anxious neighbor here who knows first hand how cold the water is. Please check your safety equipment. Include a knife to cut yourself free of tangled line. Know where your flares are and don’t hesitate to use them and call MAY DAY. Troubles multiply quickly out there. On Saturday, John and I plucked an individual from his floundering boat. He was knee deep in water, his boat about to flip and calling for vessel assist. Others who heard his call may have assumed he just needed a tow. Oh yes, please monitor channel 16 to insure communication in case we need each other.

So long,
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