March 2015

Dear Shaw Friends:  
You know what I am about to write. It’s quiet on Shaw. The winter slow-down is at its peak but there is another promise of spring presenting itself each day.

The Shaw Islanders Inc. Board held the regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Feb. 23. Votes were acquired to change the organization’s bank account access to new officers. It was determined that the oven is still a bit wonky, and we recognized the excellent tree-trimming effort provided by Scott Brooks. Business was slow. We are in the midst of the winter slow-down.

Sharon Wootton informed the Board that, after many years of attentive service, she has decided to walk away from the Community Building cleaning contract. Amy Dudek will be taking on the task. Amy has substituted for Sharon, provided assistance to many Shaw homeowners and takes care of our Library. Sharon and the Board feel very positive about Amy’s interest in the position and look forward to her participation in keeping the building clean and useful. Islanders need to remember that the contract is for general cleaning and upkeep. After each use, we must be considerate of the next user and take care of our own mess. Cleaning service can be made available for an added fee per hour if your event doesn’t have a clean up crew available.

Next meeting: March 30, 2015


NEW FIRE EQUIPMENT. The Shaw Island Volunteer Fire Department has received a used tanker and will be housing and utilizing a county ‘backup’ tanker. To show our appreciation to the San Juan County Fire Department, a large thank you card has been created by Diane Clifton and some of her students that will be taken to various locations on island for signatures. The card is currently at NMT, will be at the library starting Thursday (March 5) and will be available at Fellowship. Stop by and lend your signature of thanks to our SJC Fire Department for helping Shaw acquire much needed equipment to assist our wonderful volunteer team.

VOLUNTEER AS FIRE COMMISSIONER. Applicants are needed to serve as Fire Commissioner for District 5 (Shaw Island). This year two of our three commissioner positions are open. The election is in November with a filing deadline of May 15. You can contact the San Juan Elections Office in Friday Harbor for information. Filing can be accomplished online from May 11-15. This is a six-year term with monthly meetings.

BIRD NEWS. For those of you who have noticed the charming traffic stoppers at Blind Bay, I had them pegged as Greater White Fronted Geese, possibly crossed with a snow goose … Wrong! Mother Hildegard was kind enough to provide me with some spring Bird News.

“February 13-16 was the Great Backyard Bird Count. For the first time in 12 years a count without kids – lonely – but quieter? Results: Shaw was in the top 100 at #52 with 58 species spotted. Years ago Samuel Larsen and Aine Foley and I were in the top 10 – shows how many people are now out there watching birds! San Juan County was #14 in the state with 98 species spotted. King County was top with 146 Species and they had over 700 people counting. According to Barbara Jensen, Audubon President of San Juan County, those are not GWF geese we have but Chinese Crested. I wonder if they are a cross between the Canada and Chinese or Toulouse which we had some years ago – at any rate everyone loves watching them.”

March 17, 6:30 p.m. BINGO! The Shaw School is hosting Bingo Night. This is a fund-raising event for the students’ end of year field trip to Camp Seymour, a YMCA camp near Gig Harbor. Visits to Burke Museum and Fort Nisqually will be included with this year’s focus on Washington State History and Life Sciences. Yummy prizes – sweet and savory.

Best Wishes,

Carolyn Brantigan, President
Shaw Islanders Inc.