June 2015 – with Info on the 4th of July

Shaw 4th of July 2015 Schedule 

Dear Shaw Friends,

Our creative Shaw School children provided a theme for the 2015 4th of July Parade. The Curious Garden – developed from the book of the same name, written and illustrated by Peter Brown. The kids felt the book would encourage whimsical and unique floats. Gardens can grow anywhere and with any personality. At request of our kids… get planting!

Park permits, food handler‘s permits and a license for the beer garden are all in hand. It’s time to share the SCHEDULE for the 4th of July.

The full itinerary for the weekend is attached. One important change to make note of is the Parade line-up and starting point. Line-up will take place on Shady Lane, facing Shaw Play Field and move from there to the community building. Judges will be positioned near the community building. There will be ‘post parade float parking’ marked on Blind Bay Road, heading toward cemetery hill from the community building.

Contacts for various events of the day:

Parade – Heidi Laursen/0528

Raffle Contributions – Dittie Weinel/3235 or Janice Ekstrom/2633

Market Day – Terri Cable/3848
Flea Market – Janice Ekstrom/2633 and Lola Deane/3351

BBQ – Chris Larson/2085
WE NEED: Two portable grills, gas or charcoal, to help move the BBQ along smoothly. Please contact Carol Poliak, Willie Williams., or Terri Cable. if you have one we can use.

Ballgames – Jay Dudek

We are looking forward to welcoming home our many summer neighbors and friends by providing a delightfully busy day.

There is a wonderful email auction item attached to this email.

Shaw Field Committee Meeting
Nick Jones was selected as Chairman of the Committee with John Bogert being assigned Co-Chair. (Bogert didn’t show up for the meeting so we got him) Other members include Diana Wisen, Keith Gerrard, Cy Fields, Willie Williams Jon Shannon, and Neil Bryant. The committee is a standing committee of Shaw Islanders Inc that is assigned to manage ongoing maintenance and provide fund raising leadership for the field. Watch for an opportunity to help them out during the 4th of July festivities and ball games.

Other happenings

June 3, Wednesday, TOMORROW at 1:00 PM – Catlin Gable Performance of MIKADO
June 10, Wednesday from 4 – 6:00 PM – Jack Lynch Memorial
June 12, Friday at 6:30 PM – Shaw School Spring Program
July 4, Saturday – Join us for a great day
July 11, Saturday at 7:30 PM – Eric and Friends MUSIC
July 12, Sunday at 8:00 PM – Shakespeare Under the Stars
July 25, Saturday at 5:00 PM – Shaw Scholarship Dinner

Garden goods – Old Copper Farm Stand will be set up in front of the General Store each Saturday, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM through the summer months. Currently lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, radishes, peas and more are in season with many more delicious vegetables on the way. Vegetable starts will be for sale for the next few weeks including tomatoes and herbs. Email questions to Nick and Ellen Jones at oldcopperfarm@gmail.com

Free Bench and Recycling
‘What did the big blue chair say to the giant, out-dated computer monitors and machete at the free bench?’

Oh darn, I can’t come up with a sharp response. I’m trying to figure out a nice way to ask that we show some respect for our volunteers and don’t leave large, or dangerous items at the free bench. The bench has been so clogged with inappropriate items that our volunteers and shoppers can’t even reach the racks. (Broken lawn chairs don’t belong in the recycle bin.) Please?

I know, don’t do this, don’t do that, but DO check out the email auction item attached. EMAIL AUCTION 


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