January, 2016

January 30, 2016

The Shaw Inc. Board held our first meeting of 2016 yesterday. We came up with a quorum by utilizing FaceTime, reaching Ed Luttrell as he and his cat sat in the Anacortes 
ferry line. Whatever it takes! 

Treasurer, Willie Williams reviewed the annual budget leaving us all feeling very grateful and privileged to live in such a generous community. The budget is healthy. Yay. 2016 fund raising will include a boost for our fabulously successful recycling program – we made it through two years with our last funding effort. I will provide more information on those needs at a later date. 2016 is a bi-annual auction year for Shaw Islander’s Inc. 
During our Shaw 4th of July celebration, an auction, raffle, bbq and ballgames will ALL be in the mix. Oops, don’t forget ice cream, fish pond and market day. Please give me a call if you have suggestions or wish to share your expertise in planning this fun weekend 
on Shaw. 

An important item on our plate is a dinner, Wednesday, March 9, planned to honor our fabulous volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Medical Team. These 24 volunteers devote hours to training and drills, providing solid programs that serve Shaw residents in time of need. If you are interested in contributing financially or as a volunteer, please drop me an email (cbrantigan@rockisland.com) or give me a call, (360-468-4379).

Here are a few dates to mark on your calendar:

February 16, Tuesday at 7:00 PM – Father Vincent’s presentation on ‘The Camino de Santiago’. Father Vincent traveled this pilgrimage route and will share its history and his 
experience with us.

February 24, Wednesday at 6:00 PM – Bingo Night 

February 28, Sunday, 1:00 PM – Island Sinfonia
March 9, Wednesday – Thank You Dinner – This dinner will honor our awesome 
Emergency Medical Team and Volunteer Fire Fighters. Volunteers?

March 18, Friday at 7:00 PM – Talent Show (practice, practice, practice)

Further down the road:

June 3, Friday at 3:00 PM – Catlin Gable

July, 2, 3 and 4 – Shaw 4th of July Celebration 
July 16, Saturday – Library 50th annual meeting

July 22, Friday – 7:30 – 9:30 PM Blues on Tap (Bruce Ransom)

Here’s a new address for Joyce and Barney Mansfield
Chehalis West

478 NW Quincy Place

Chehalis, WA 98532

And a new phone number:

Phil Griffing – 1-425-247-1182

Thanks all,