February 2015

Dear Shaw Friends: 

Your new board members are getting acquainted with assignments for 2015. Dittie Weinel provided a positive kick-off for the January organizational meeting that included dinner in her home for the 2014-15 board members. 2015 members and the positions they have accepted are: Carolyn Brantigan, President; Chris Larson, co-1st VP; Carol Poliak, co-1st VP; Jay Dudek, 2nd VP; Gary Lange, Recording Secretary; Willie Williams, Treasurer; Terri Cable, Corresponding Secretary; Heidi Laursen, Calendar Management; and Nick Jones, Recycling Coordinator and Playfield Committee representative.

The first official meeting of 2015 was held Monday, January 28. The devoted president didn’t even attend! Sorry, I had a little knee injury repaired and missed opening day but according to Gary’s minutes it was a productive meeting without ME.

Meeting Highlights:
*A 4th of July Committee has volunteers. Willie Williams, Carol Poliak and Terri Cable will provide the Board an outline of festivities for the 2015 4th of July celebration at our March meeting. The 4th of July is on a Saturday this year, making organization and travel plans a bit easier to judge. Would you like to volunteer? Give one of our volunteers a shout.

*Kitchen issues: A second dishwasher rack has gone lame and there are temperature inaccuracies in the large oven. Later in the week, Amy Van Dongen generously visited Shaw to check out our problems. She and Willie recalibrated (up) the large oven temperature by 10 degrees. An oven thermometer is on its way. For those of you who use the oven with frequency, please let us know if there continues to be a problem. All of our appliances were purchased from DeWaard and Bode in Bellingham and hold five-year warranties. Neither Amy nor former board members should be called to problem-solve kitchen issues. The current board (Jay is the go to man) has the information we need to correct problems, first through the user’s manuals then directly to DeWaard and Bode. A call is going in for a new dishwasher rack.

*Miscellaneous: There is a rain drainage problem right at the front door. We’re working on it. A new ‘How to Use the Darned Thing’ instruction sheet for the sound system may be on its way. I personally think dialing Paul’s number works but he may not always be home.

Next meeting is Feb. 23, 2015.

Willie W., Janice E. and Diana W. planted a Crimson Maple in front of the community building this week. Several of the original plantings were removed because they had become … shall we say rusty? We went directly to the expertise of Diana Wisen to select a healthy new addition that will lend color, shade and beauty for years to come.

A Delivery Change
Tim and Jane Nelson have arrived at our doors with UPS deliveries for 12 years. Their last deliveries were made the end of January. Their good-natured smiles and considerate care of our parcels will certainly be missed. Amy Dudek will be managing the delivery reins now. I’m sure her cheerful disposition will lend beautifully to the job at hand. We will miss you Tim and Jane. Welcome Amy!

Feb. 8, 1:30 p.m. Island Sinfonia annual concert.

March 2, 6-8:30 p.m., WRITE ON! – The first of five writing classes PLUS a full day workshop presented by Lorrie Harrison (the lovely new bride – I wonder if romance will be a preferred theme). The program costs $175 and you can sign up by calling Lorrie at 468-4642.

March 7, 11:30 a.m. Come celebrate the life of Howard Sanburg. A luncheon main dish and beverages will be provided. Salads and side dishes (that do not need heated) will be welcomed additions.

Our Official Shaw Island Amateur Meteorologist has some eye-opening statistics on local rainfall (or the lack of rain). Go to www.shawislanders.org and check out Shaw Stories. There’s also a story about the annual Talent Show will be posted. Once you call up a story on the home page, you’ll see titles of archived Shaw Stories on the right.

Doesn’t this all sound like fun? I know the last few years have been busy, busy, and then busy. I have my fingers crossed for a peaceful slow pace this year. As Eddie Floyd said, “Knock, knock, knock on wood.”

Best wishes to all,
Carolyn Brantigan, President
Shaw Islanders, Inc.