April 2015

Dear Shaw Friends,

The calypsos are blooming, last night’s spring shower left the ground covered with tiny hail balls, and the wind fluctuates from calm to 20 mph and back to calm within an hour. Must be spring.

The Shaw School sends their thanks for the generous community support at their St. Patirck’s Day fundraiser. They were able to earn over $700 to go towards the spring field trip to Fort Nisqually, Camp Seymour and the Burke Museum. The Shaw School Foundation also pledged to match a large portion of the funds raised at BINGO night. Diane Clifton did a fabulous job organizing the event. The kids say, THANK YOU!!

The school would also like to share the link to their new website. http://www:shawislandschool.org/

March meeting update:
Fire Chief Jon Shannon was our guest. He outlined plans to enlarge the fire departments storage facility to house additional equipment. A proposal was presented for Shaw Inc. to partner with the fire department in providing an emergency power system that would serve the community building and the fire department. Cost estimates are being researched. A request was made and approval given for a plan to connect the fire department structures to the community center water and sewer systems at no expense to Shaw Inc.

4th of July committee members Carol Poliak, Willie Williams and Terri Cable have developed a delightful plan for our 2015 4th of July on Shaw. Our favorites, the parade, bbq, market day and ballgames are all in the mix.

Program planner, Carol Poliak, reminded us of upcoming music events for our calendars:
May 8 – Mandy Troxel and the Bitter Ends (Anita’s involved in this fun one)
July 11 – Eric and Friends (early announcement of an annual favorite)

Our kitchen appliances received a thorough physical from a Deward and Bode serviceman. Please give me a call if you have further issues with them.

Spring 2015 Recycling Report Sharon Wooton delivered her report with a ¾ full jar of Newman’s Own Spaghetti Sauce she had fished out of the recycle bin in her hand. We do such a good job with our clean recyclables, just remind yourself or whoever carries your recycling out for you to keep it clean. In 2014, with 21 bin trips this year, we generated 34.48 tons of recycled materials. Financially we are doing well. We thank NMT for their very generous support but participation from the community fluctuates. A funding letter will go out in late summer. Contributions are welcome any time of year.

If you happen to notice some weird paper bags hanging from the eves at the community building…it’s an experiment. They are fake wasp nests to encourage wasps that the neighborhood is undesirable. I spoke to a pest control company about our wasp issues and was told that wasps are very hard to destroy this time of year because they are not settled in one place, still on a location search. The professionals did not suggest paper sacks but did suggest paying them this time of year would not be worth our money. There is a ‘water and pennies in a plastic bag’ version I have been told about, so the experiment will continue. If this works, it was my idea. If not, I’ll rat others out later. Your participation in this research is more than welcome.

All my best and Happy Easter,