4th of July 2nd

Dear Shaw 4th of July-ers,

Today started at the community building with a group of local gardeners. There was sweeping, there was trimming, there was even some rock moving…then it got too warm so we ate blueberry muffins.The community building is ready to be red/white/and blued to host another wonderful 4th of July event.

Decorating with Willie W. on Thursday, July 2, at 11:00 AM. Those of you wishing to help with the 4th of July festivities please call Terri Cable and offer your expertise. – 468-3848
How would YOU like to pitch for the youngster’s softball game? This job can be yours…

A 4th of July schedule is attached, one posted at the community building and available as a pocket calendar at the kiosk. Is your float ready?

Special note:
The Flea Market will be open on Friday from 5 – 7:00 PM.

Message from our Fire Chief – Jon Shannon
Jon has posted messages around Shaw reminding us:

Fire Danger is high so please be very careful this year with campfires, barbeques and outdoor power tools, or anything else that could start a fire.

Possession of FIREWORKS is illegal in San Juan County. Please be warned that this year we will be issuing citations. The fine is up to $250.

Enjoy the 4th with family, friends and neighbors by celebrating in a safe and respectful way.

Questions about fire safety contact, Jon Shannon at 317 -6755 or 468-4560.

Shaw Calendar:

July 11 – 7:30 PM – Eric and Friends – An evening of music! Performers will include: Michael Greenleaf, William Limbach, Lance and Laurie Haslund, Jacob Greenleaf. Add Islanders Eric Smith, Doug Baier, Kathi Melville, Maggie Savage and Nick and Susie Teague and it’s quite a show.

July 12 – 8:00 PM – Shakespeare Under the Stars with Island Stage-Left presenting ‘Cymbeline’. Of course this performance will include deadly potions, treachery and a handsome prince. Can’t miss that!

July 18 – 1:00 AM – The 49th Annual Shaw Library Meeting. Our guest speaker is Terry Tazioli, the host of ‘Well Read’. The booksale will begin at 11:00 AM.

July 24, 25 and 26 – Yoga weekend with Gail Malizia. For those of you who have bent your bods with Gail, you know this is a rewarding weekend. So glad Willie W. (468-3742) is bringing her back to us.

July 25 – 5:00 PM – Scholarship Dinner & Auction to raise money for islander students. The dinner will be created by Chloe Mason and Andy Schmidt. For more information, contact Sharon Wootton at 468-3964 or songandword@rockisland.com.

August 3 – 6 – Summer Camp with Nora and Bryan. For ages 4 and up, $65 per child and registration forms can be found on the Shaw Inc. website and kiosk. Questions? Try Jen Swanson at jenswanson@hotmailcom or 360-468-4139.

September 12 – 5 – 8:00 PM TO ALL SHAW RESIDENTS – Please join Willie, Alex, Andy and Caryn for a potluck at the Barn at Bay Head Farm to wish the Gingerich family a fond farewell. More later.

That’s it for now. I need to go make giant, tissue paper flowers- red, white and blue of course.

See you soon,

Carolyn B.