Rat sightings on Shaw have been a topic of conversation the last few months.
We haven’t had a rat problem for many years, although the other islands
have severe problems. It is thought they are swimming to Shaw since most
have been found near the shoreline.
A program on controlling rat populations will be given by Karl Bishop at 12:30
p.m. Oct. 6 at the community building, sponsored by Shaw Islanders Inc. The
presentation will last about an hour plus time for questions. An informative
handout will be available.
Rats can be dangerous. They can carry deadly diseases, destroy things in
your home, and can gnaw through electrical wires. They are also very
intelligent and have a good memory. And they are prolific breeders.
“Rat control takes an ongoing community effort. Let’s work together to
tackle this,” said Diana Wisen, who arranged for the speaker.

Here are a few countermeasures that can be taken now, before the speaker offers other anti-rat tips:

  • Do not leave any food outdoors.

  • Keep all pet food, bird seed, and chicken feed in tightly lidded metal cans.

  • Rats can chew through plastic totes.

  • Bury your kitchen waste deeply in your garden, not in an open compost pile.

  • Turn your compost pile every few days because rats love to live in compost piles.

  • Keep the area around your house free of junk piles and debris.

  • Block any holes larger than ¼-inch going into your house with screen, metal collars, steel wool or sheet metal.